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Only if you have more than one dog and bring them all to be groomed at once.

I don’t have the facilities to crate dogs and keep them separate. I wouldn’t want to crate your dog anyway. Many dogs find being groomed stressful enough, without being confined to an unfamiliar crate too.

I do on the otherhand have teather points, if in rare cases a client is late for pick up. We try to avoid this and ask clients to drop off at appointment time and pick up at the arranged time to avoid this.

If your dog is reactive to other dogs please state this when booking your appointment.

Your dog should be groomed on a regular basis. It is difficult to answer how often as this will depend on the breed and many other factors. Please give me a call with a little more information and I can help to answer this.

I will discuss this with you at your first appointment.

This is a frequently asked question by people who own poodle mixed breeds. Especially cockerpoo’s.

These types of coats require daily brushing to prevent matting.

Unlike other breeds whose fur moults and falls out all, a cockerpoo’s (and other poodle mixed breeds) dosent and gets tangled up in the rest of the coat which causes matting. As the matted fur builds up, it gets tighter. This can cause your poor dog a lot of discomfort and even pain, although many dogs don’t show it.

If I find heavily matted areas, the best thing to do for your dog’s welfare and wellbeing is to clip them off. In which case, I’ll discuss this with you.

I get quite a few nervous dogs in the salon. In fact, some are terrified.

This is often the result of a previous groomer being too rough with them. Unfortunately, this happens more than you might think.

In any case, I pride myself on being patient and gentle with the dogs I groom.

It’s important to know, however, that I might not get to groom your dog on their first visit, depending on their level of fear/anxiety.

In most cases though, I can at least get them in the bath and I will do what we can without causing stress and anxiety.


If your dog’s anal glands need to be expressed, then this should be at a veterinary practice. Also, the more your dog’s anal glands are expressed, the more reliant they become on being expressed instead of working properly and naturally.

To express anal glands groomers require an additional qualification which I do not currently have.

In most cases, I prefer you not to be there.

A dog will often be more distracted if its owner is present. This can cause them to become very fidgety and uncompliant which can increase the chances of stress and anxiety, even injury.

Also, if you’re a nervous or anxious person, your dog will feel that anxiety and become anxious themselves.

That said, if your dog relies on you being there in order to remain calm, then yes, you’re welcome to be there but this will be discussed and a visit without will come first to access if this is the best course of action for your dog.


I do have air conditioning in the salon which should keep your dog comfortable.

I understand that circumstances change so if you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible. The best way to do this with via WhatsApp or email, with your name your dogs name and your appointment details.  If you would like to reschedule your appointment please let me know and I will call you as soon as I can to do this.

Less than 24hrs notice will incur a charge fee.


I am IPET Level 3 qualified in dog grroming and salon management and have an up to date Certificate in Canine First Aid.

We are fully insured with Pet Business Insurance.

I am fully qualified in Canine First Aid with IPET

If appropriate and required I would without hesitation take your dog to the vet for treatment.

I will try to use your own vet if possible at the time.

At your first appointment we will ask you to supply your veterinary information.

In such a case we would contact you immediately at the first opportunity, depending on the circumstances this may be before or after seeking vetaniary help.

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